African Boy Child Network – Spearheading Sustainable Transformation of the Boy Child


This program seeks to strengthen the capacity of ABNET beneficiaries  and the public and to empower them with knowledge and skills to effectively address issues affecting the general positive growth of the boy child such as school dropouts, drugs and substance abuse, violent extremism, gender based violence, single parenthood, HIV & AIDS  among others.

This is done by sharing and mainstreaming of information, training sessions, strategic and inter-gender and inter-generational dialogues and sharing of experiences and strategies from diverse communities. Through this program ABNET also engages in networking and alliance building.


The UN convention on the rights of the child
Declaration of the rights of the child. In 1959 the UN general assembly adopted the declaration of the rights of children which defines children’s rights to protection . Education, healthcare, shelter and good nutrition.
Kenya 2010 constitution article 53 recognizes the right of all children to be protected from abuse , neglect harmful cultural practices and all forms of violence.
Inhuman treatments and punishment and hazardous or exploitative labour.
The current happening in our Kenyan schools goes contrary to the commitments by the UN convention on the rights of the child and our 2010 constitution.
It’s has been one major case one after another.
Grade 8 pupil ( 12-14 yrs) at BItundugusu primary school was beaten by his teachers which led to swelling of his scrotum, subsequent surgery and removal of his testicle….
( Investigation ongoing nobody knows till when)
A form one (13-15 yrs) from Chemase secondary school dies after teacher beat him to health for cheating in physics exam (investigation on going…????)
A standard eight boy (12-14yrs) from Nyamninia primary school in Gem sub county has been assaulted by teachers for failing to attain 400 marks. ( Investigation on going)
Grade 4 boy ( 8-10yrs) from Riangombe primary school was left with horrific injuries after teacher gave him 107 cane strokes ( investigation ongoing???)
Minors subjected to engage in indecent behaviour through vedio by 6 teachers from Itumbe DOK primary school (investigation ongoing)
Never ending sodomy cases of minors
WHAT DOES THE LAW SAY? Is it firm enough to stop this animatic behaviour of teachers?
Is the current indiscipline of students warrant BRUTAL RESPONSE BY TEACHERS?
When did failing to attain certain marks become a crime, why have some of our teachers become animals to our children? Do they have children of their own?
Are we exposing our children to mentally unstable teaching fraternity?
Is the environment we have exposed our children contributed to their retrogressive behaviour?
At what point should teachers, parents, government and other stakeholders agree to take the blame and end violence against children for mistake the adults have deliberately created or exposed them to.
All these cases are ” investigation ongoing”
It’s very difficult to explain how perpetrator’s of these evils still roaming freely while some children are 6 feet under and other permanently damaged.
Do we as a country need special and effective investigation officers for children and equally effective courts to hear and determine these cases in maximum of 90 days.
Can all the perpetrators inflicting permanent damage to children be imprisoned for life and those that violet children to death equally be transitioned to the next life.
An adult violating a child in whatever form has absolutely no right to live among people.