African Boy Child Network – Spearheading Sustainable Transformation of the Boy Child


African Boy Child Network has been a member of The Social Enterprise Society of Kenya (SESOK) since inception In January 2017.  We are currently serving as Vice Secretary to the Board 2018-2019, 2019-2020. SESOK is Kenya’s umbrella body for social enterprises in all sectors of the economy. Our main objective is to induce social entrepreneur Spirit among the young people to be more of job creators than job seekers. In the past and still today, traditional businesses have existed and made profits along the way but have neglected to pay attention to the social and environmental impacts of their activities.

We live in a community with a lot of challenges especially for the young people. The need for economic empowerment is critical in earning livelihoods but also solving some of the community’s challenges.


Tangaza University College HOME TO Social Enterprise Kenya (SEK) Social entrepreneurship has one objective, the ability to bring forth social change for the common good. The players vary from business, activist, non-governmental and nonprofit entities among many who consider business as a key ingredient in solving societal challenges
Social entrepreneurship embodies a holistic approach to development that benefits both societies and economies. It offers a unique approach to addressing social and environmental challenges through combination of business principles with a strong social mission.
Tangaza University social transformation class engagements with African Boychild Network brought out various challenges facing our society today. They highlighted mental health challenges, crimes highlighting the normalizing killings of fellow human beings, food insecurity, unemployment, access to quality education, lack of funding to induce innovation, taxation among others
These reasons should induce the need for serious and intentional economic development drive aimed at addressing complex challenges through innovative solutions. This will in return foster inclusive growth, creating jobs, and attracting investment.
By sharing ideas with the assistance of instructor, students of social transformation are able to breed new ideas, identify products, and services to meet societal needs as well as have financial returns.
This will automatically empower people by participating in the economy and society.
Problem-solving is inherent to all entrepreneurs, going through training is key as it gives students the necessary information as they aspire to start their own social enterprises. Identifications of a problem or a societal need that will lead to creating a product or service to meet the need.
African Boychild Network is a member and serves in the board of SOCIAL ENTERPRISE KENYA(SEK) established by Tangaza University college and Social innovators
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