African Boy Child Network – Spearheading Sustainable Transformation of the Boy Child

Youth in conflict with the law

The population that finds itself into conflict with the law are boys and men, therefore very critical for us to develop programs on the issue of crime. Considering the problem of boys in crime with social contexts and to recognize the facts that lead them to enter into conflict with the law helps us develop programs that are more geared to preventive approaches.


It’s extremely difficult to raise a male child in an informal settlement. The environment is so poisoned against the male child that the male child is perceived guilty of crime by default.
Many would argue that the level of indiscipline of the male child is the reason behind his woes. A child grows within a set system and structure, a child grows amongst adults and a child learns through what he/ she sees more than what he/she hears.
Three young men would sit somewhere and get rounded up by police . Just like that will be accused of plotting a robbery. Into the cell and cash bail is needed if not, the innocent males will join the high ocvipany population in our prisons.
A young man leaves work late, walks home and next thing he guilty of robbing people along the roadside…cell- cash bail if not jail
A young man hawks pineapple within the settlement,. He starts improving on himself, meets police during his daily hussles , asked for a bribe, declines and from no where, wrapped up – cell. The charge posession of drugs – cash bail if none jail
Two lovers fight, boy is picked and charged..guilty by default
These are everyday occurences life of a boychild.
Courtesy of Makadara Social Justice and Information Centre ( Masjic) mobilisation and African Boychild Network expertise we rolled out strategy on best practice to promote conducive and inclusive environment where each person is fairly and justly treated especially by institutions mandated to maintain law and order.
It is a long muddy journey, we continue loosing our son’s to crimes , drugs. However we have opted to blame the young adults for the difficult lives we have subjected them to and as adults we continue to intentionally shelf that responsibility.
The male child is definitely not a Bird from the Air, neither an animal from the jungle or from the marines.
As we celebrate the day of the girl child, good to remember boys do not birth themselves.
These are our children regardless of GENDER