African Boy Child Network – Spearheading Sustainable Transformation of the Boy Child

How We Do It

Our Tools of Transformation

  • Sports, Art and Culture

The role of sport for social good is such that, for any government interested in social justice, a sport and physical activity policy that reaches grassroots communities is essential.

  • Community Work

We work with at the grassroots and challenges are unique in each communities. Solving such challenges is easier and faster when communities work together.

  • Education and Career Expos

The ever changing labor market raises tremendous concern that many nation’s youth are unprepared for the labor force. Policymakers and youth advocates are looking for strategies to improve the education system so that fewer youth drop out of high school and more have the skills and knowledge they need to contribute to the global economy.

Through Partnerships and collaborations with experts in the education space we continue to unpack market industry needs to the Youth. We begin by describing the challenges youth face as they transition into the labor market and the difficulties facing schools and higher education.

  • Information Sharing

Information sharing is key to delivering better, more efficient services that are coordinated around the needs of the individual. It is essential to enable early intervention and preventative work, for safeguarding and promoting welfare and for wider public protection. Information sharing is a vital element in improving outcomes for all.

  • Partnerships and Collaborations

We do acknowledge that we may not have the capacity nor the expertise to roll out our programs for maximum impact we desire, through partnerships and collaborations we achieve positive change and the community impact is realized faster and much easily. We respect one another’s areas of expertise and have distinctive, yet complementary goals. Each organization is able to bring different skills to bear